Trimming Tomato plant leaves

5 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
My plants have large leaves that are obviously sapping water from the fruit, is it ok to trim them and if so by how much
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there wouldn't be a problem removing some of the leaves, different people have different views on what works best.
One option is to split each leaf along the centre and just remove half of it, another option is to remove all the leaves below the lowest growing fruit to allow the water to travel further up the plant.
I do both of these depending how the plant is growing, i wouldn't remove more than half the leaves though as they help draw water up the to the fruit.
thank for that , am a bit more reassured now, but they do seem to be taking a long time to go red
they do seem to be taking a long time to go red

I take it you are growing them outdoors (not in a heated greenhouse etc).

The fruit ripens with heat, something we are not getting much of this season. If the fruits are large enough, remove them from the plant and put on a windowsill indoors. They will soon ripen.
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remove some of the leaves to allow plenty of air around the growing fruit. when you have 4 trusses of flowers/fruit then pinch out the top as well
large leaves that are obviously sapping water from the fruit,
It is not the purpose of leaves to sap water from the fruit. It is the purpose of leaves to capture energy from the sun allowing the plant and fruit to grow.

If you plants are short of water, water them.
Well I have cut away about a third of the leaves now so we will see how it goes, Thanks for all the kind advice everyone
I remove in the following order for both bush and cordon types:
  • 1) Dodgy looking leaves
    2) Leaves shading fruit
    3) leaves from bottom of plant upwards

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