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  1. datarebal
    is that a damaged area left hand corner nearest the road?
  2. griggs
    @cider Thanks. Yes that’s my understanding that only use the exit points provided, convincing customer is another matter as the hole is already there.
  3. cider
    Think the pipe is only meant to exit through the bottom right or rear. For the sake of 4 90s may as well do it right
  4. Grantx
    With 90% certainty, I would say that is the interior of plaster board - the filling between the paper .
  5. JamesBT
    Hello there, we have the same Britannia K2 Boiler, it was converted to oil before we moved into our house in 1974, soon after that my father converted it to gas with a 15mm feed to a new blower or...

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