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  1. Burbage Gas
    Yes I would. As you say, it's just a cover yourself thing.
  2. AmateurDIY
    Hello all, First post here! I've got some Patiomaster doors which I've had a fair amount of trouble with since their installation in 2017. They've been adjusted multiple times - despite this,...
  3. Michael.
    best way to hide the pipe is having it this colour. Could easily be fixed and put close to where waste pipe is
  4. usama kamel
    Hi I have A1 alarm system, old and not working, but good deterrent because house alarm siren box on front of the house is flashing red and panel in the house is live and light is on. However,...
  5. ianmcd
    looks like a cold water accumulator https://pumpexpress.co.uk/explaining-cold-water-accumulators/

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