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  • Hi burnerman got a problem with a greenstar heatslave with riello burner the boiler pump runs but the burner wont kick in its flashing red if i reset it it flashes red and green and then goes back flashing red ive another burner but the control had gone on that so ive swapped controller over onto old boiler and still getting same fault what could you suggest the controller has gone or something else ? Thanks
    Hi Burnerman could do with some help regarding a kerosene leak on my heatslave boiler ,could you spare a minute ,cheers ken f
    Hi burnerman, im sure you hepled resolve my last problem with my power washer hopefully i can rely on your knowledge again
    i cant find the following help in the manual ,my JCBSPPW4 power washer works fine until i try to use power rinse the the power reduces to a flow , iv tried my spare gun but it does exactly the same thing foam works , rinse works but as soon as i go to full power rinse pressure just drops .
    Hi Michael By all means replace the bearings on your motor if they are noisy. 6202 is the usual size, ZZ for quality sealing. John
    Hi, been talking to Mottie about the clutch on our diesel FR-V. He advised I talk to you.

    Wondered how much it would be and whether it was worth using Honda-branded parts.

    He advised replacing clutch, DMF and release bearing, would you agree?

    Thanks and best wishes

    Hi Burnerman, I shut off the mains and valves under the sink, undid hoses at the valve end, secured the tap, replaced everything. There is full supply in the bath, the tap has hot but now no cold. I shut the valve, undid the hose, turned it on, no water comes out. All I did was shut off the cold valve under the sink, remove the hose briefly, then put everything back, nothing else touched. Any advice? Best, SK
    Hi Burnerman, I just read a post you replied to about fitting a shock arrestor to a washing machine hose. I'm a service engineer and we discovered that we have now gone from water towers to pumping stations so the pressure in some properties went from 1 bar to 7 bar! One guys hot water cylinder was shaking in the garage and he could hear it in his house.
    Funk SoulPlumber
    We had to recommend installing a non dynamic valve, a pressure reducing valve that doesn't work on a spring. By installing it after the stop tap on the incoming mains it protects all appliances too.
    Funk SoulPlumber
    Some newbuilds I go to have the washing machine cold water supply coming from the balanced cold, this also causes water hammer. I thought I would give you aheads up incase you encounter more of these issues

    Take care
    Funk SoulPlumber
    Oh and we check the pressure on the outside tap, that is usually mains supply. Buyapressure gauge from screwfixor toolstation, it's a monument gauge ;)
    BURNERMAN.Worcester Danesmoor 20/25.Just replaced Honeywell Y..Restart and got the lockout. Couldn't get all parts for programmer and to turn on needs a hefty bang..Press the red button the igniters flashing. Power to oil pump solenoid.No power to motor. Lockout. Removed Burner and stripped out oil pump which was dry.Turned okay and the fan turned easily.Obviously no fan, no start up purge ,no oi pumping ,no burn.
    Hi, can ypu lease help I got new tensioner fitted but belt seems wayyyyyyyyyyyy to big altohguh tis same belt , its routeed correctly
    Hi Burnerman, I saw in a post that you had a user manual for a Therecon 100/150 oil boiler. I have one fitted and my husband cant find any instructions. We want to drain the heating system at some point and move a radiator but cant find the filling loop, do you know how to fill the system up again after the radiator has been moved. We are new to oil boilers and there are no instructions with this one. Thanks
    Hi Burnerman,
    're weeping pressure adjustment screw on a danfoss BFP 41L3 pump. Can the screw be removed 'fibre' washered and refitted? Or is it not that simple?
    Wondering about screw/bolt spacings and layout for sistering joists. Using 4 × 2" to level up old sagging joists to lay new floor. Flat below and lots of cabling and pipes hence the use of 4" timber. How should i layout the timberlok screws? Two one above the other at 600mm centres or one at 300mm centres staggered in zigzag pattern top and bottom?
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