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  • hi thanks for your reply the van was running fine earlier today but has only been moved once a week got wife under protest to watch nearside rear wheel as I can see drivers side in my mirror and both sides lock up as I said there was a loud bang when I went to move van earlier so any more suggestions .thanks dave(vladbs)
    Thoought I had replied to you, but alas, I had not. Still waiting for a guy in Surrey to get back to me to come and have a look at my tank....will do the orange water on Saturday :)
    Hi John, thanks for your help. I'll tackle it on Saturday. i'll let you know how i get on. would you know about the hand brake? and its workings on the rear discs? Regards Nick
    thanks john ive started a apprenticeship doing light vechile maintaince and repair (level 3 )i been looking at my fiesta for a few weeks ive serviced it changed the timming belt loads more work i was wondering where you got ur motor skills from ? thanks brad
    Thanks John, I have been looking for the pollen filter for six months now, thought I was going to have to take the engine out to sort it. Once again thank you
    I see you have got into sweeping chimneys. How do you get into it? what kit is needed? how do u keep the room clean?! all advice gratefully received.
    thanks mate the coil pack has been replaced and the car is working fine thanks again
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