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  • Hi fella,
    I managed to add a picture of where I can see the flame on my boiler. Any chance you could have a look and tell me if it is normal? It is where you suspected though!
    thank you for your question about the alternater but I have no idea of the output I will try to find out. Sara
    Hi Dave
    No, that process is completely unknown to me, but it sure sounds interesting! I've never come across brazing wire suitable for a MIG torch either. Obviously the brazed joint can't be held fluid as with oxy gear but I'd like to give it a bash!
    Cheers for the info
    The price is a bit eye watering! £240 odd quid for 4Kg. That's a lot of wire though, and the proper stuff for castings etc. Must be smaller quantities available.
    Looking a bit more though, it looks like you need pure argon. I use an argon mix.
    Save dragging that welding thread further OT. Not that we ever do that of course. . .
    I'm seeing just under 48V at 140A, about 43.5V at 80A on that SIP 140. No rating plate at all that I can see of course. It should go down to 30A, mine doesn't at the moment because the adjuster goes tight. Another of those "little jobs". That seem to expand into an afternoon these days. TBH I probably won't bother. I don't use it that much, and I have the MIG for smaller work.
    Be interested to hear how you get on. I may well try that DIY carbon holder.
    Another "little job"! :)
    Hope this helps.
    Cheers Burnerman/John
    Iv'e just fitted a new capacitor and fired up the metabo,its running fine ,back in business tomorrow,the capacitor supplier you recommended was also recommended from a from a elec factors down here in east sussex so they must be pukka, thanks a lot for the help
    Cheers Ian
    Hi John,

    I know you are the man to ask this question, I have a drain jettering machine.
    (flowplant Compack 3008)
    The problem I have is that when in use the jetter hose is pulsating, I have spoken to flowplant and they said bring it down to use and we can order new parts but they close on Friday and parts will have to be ordered.

    I would like to ask you would it be the pump or unloader valve making the machine pulsate.

    Many thanks for any help you can give me.

    this is almost the last straw have spent a week trying to find a leak in the roof and drying out my new carpet found a bad repair on corner of roof post office repair just a dob of filler gouged that out and refilled properly but still a small leak both sides had the right idea drilled two holes in floor to let water flow out but had to hack the ply floor back so leaks drain on to metal floor and out through holes big mistake buying this should have stuck to camping in a tent .
    as i said I dro ve the van earlier for about 5miles and it was ok but on getting home some git had my place so parked up waited till spot was available moved van ok but a car was still in the place I wanted went out went to mov e bang and everything went pear shaped
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