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  1. foxhole
  2. foxhole
    You could put a short section of soil pipe in it to attach the hose to. Cut a 20mm slot out of it lengthways which will allow it to be compressed enough to get it inside the current vent.
  3. ollski
    I wouldn’t change the 3 port, worst case I’d fit a ball and plate adaptor and new actuator and new pipe to the pump. Cut the pipe to the pump and reuse the nut, only need a new olive and 1m of pipe
  4. daved
    hi lightning, the fuss is that i've never done any plumbing before so things that may seem obvious to others just aren't to me. Even reading up and looking at tutorials online it doesnt always...
  5. lightning
    Just cut the pipe and add to what you need fit new pump simple, what’s all the fuss about

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