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    Congratulations on the apology from mdf920.

    It does worry me that YaleGuy ( aka mdf920 ) is so out of touch with reality about wireless comms in security applications and yet promotes himself as an expert on security. I wonder if he has ever monitored the channel before installing one of his pet systems or carried out proper survey of how they operate. There is a defunct one a few door from here that lasted for about 6 months before the owner pulled the batteries out of the siren after false alarms and the advice from Yale to disable the jamming detection. It seems he then discovered ( via his company's IT expert ) that the jamming detection only activated after several minutes. of continuous signal. The conclusion was that an intruder with a modified sensor transmitting continuously could block the sensors, make an entry, steal items and leave before the jamming detection operated.

    My experience was 12 years with Multitone ( radio paging ) designing hardware for special systems such as retained fire station alerters and the first digital paging system for the London Fire Brigade.

    Best regards

    Bernard Green

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