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    Water Damaged Kitchen Cupboard Doors

    for a cheap fix you can strip the door and paint it. if the mdf underneath is still in good condition.
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    UPVC window draughty - already as tight as can go

    on some windows you can buy new seals and fit them yourself
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    washing machine drum bearings

    this throw away policy cant be good for the environment. must be time for a new player in this business. i guess a slower spin speed may help. also maybe a smaller drum which will carry less weight may help. oh well cheers.
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    Zanussi DWS 939 Not working after initial noise/start

    the last time my machine was stopped from starting it was the pump that was clogged. is there no fault light flashing
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    washing machine drum bearings

    first time ever my zanussi washing machine drum bearings have failed after only 4 years and very light use. just two people using it. my last machines lasted over ten years with just the pump needing changes now and again. i have read that the main brands have made it financially not viable to...
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    How to fix/replace UPVC window handles/locks

    easy job even a 5 yr old could do it. google it and reeeeeaaaaaaad
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    Water ingress. PVC windows.

    opening an upstairs window for an hour or two a day will help a lot
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    Condensation on aluminum window frames

    yes drying clothes indoors is not a good idea. even the act of cooking and breathing puts moisture in your air. this moisture will condense into water when it touches a cold surface. you need to make less water in the air, more ventilation and more warmth inside i think.. unless its very damp...
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    upvc window

    hello all i would like to ask for some advice for my upvc windows pls. they are about 10-15 yrs old and still in good condition except for one corner letting a draught through. i am usually good at diy but have never tackled upvc windows. i would like to know how to remove the offending frame...
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    Potterton Performa24 CH goes on/off repeatedly

    may be worth changing the thermistor as my pott 24 had simalar problems... cheap and easy thing to change...
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    Potterton Performa 24, CH ignition goes on and off in a loop

    yes the thermistor is just another name for temp sensor switch... 700 quid for a power flush....holy .... could be one of many things causing it....could even be the thermistor again... i can only advise you to get more quotes on the jobs that bg quote you... and if you ever find a...
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    thermodynamic heating

    hi there i have recently read something about thermodynamic heating which is the new kind of solar powered panel that works even if there is no sunshine. it can heat up a water cyclinder day and night and even wind and rain. supposedly. does anyone know anything about it. or is it some kind...
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    potterton performa 24 fan turns one half turn only.

    thanks tony this means that there is a big chance that the corgi guy may not know how to check the gas settings. if he changes the pcb, how can i tell if he does know how to adjust gas settings. you sound like you know how to do this job, roughly how much would you charge for doing it. im in...
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    potterton performa 24 fan turns one half turn only.

    hi there. i have a potterton performa 24 about 9 yrs old. not a condensing boiler. recently it stopped firing up for hw and ch. local corgi guy came round to fix it and said he would come back with the parts to fix it. he didnt seem to know exactly which part is at fault. the boiler seems...
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    hot water slow from bath tap only

    thanks everyone took the inards out and the whole thing washers and all looked rough. went down the local plumb shop and bought a complete pair of replacements for both taps for a tenner. probably could have changed all the washers and stuff but thought to change the lot. took a few minutes...