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    Can I fix my Mid Position Actuator Valve?

    @ss2021 The thread you are posting in is 8 years old ! Welcome to DIYnot.
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    Bending wood for rocking horse restoration

    A pic might be helpful. I've seen rocking chairs where the rocker is cut to shape, rather than bent. Is that an option? Could you use a steel strip to provide the main strength, and add wood for cosmetic effect?
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    Integrated fridge moving when opening door

    What sort of floor is the fridge on? Could you screw brackets into that to stop the legs moving?
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    Waste trap - cannot fix leak

    But how do you propose to clean the now non-removable U-bend when it inevitably gets clogged up?
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    Indesit IDV75 Tumble Dryer Tripped Electrics - Burning Smell

    Yikes! Naked heating wires? Not the sort of element I was expecting in a machine where accumulations of fluff are possible.
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    Indesit IDV75 Tumble Dryer Tripped Electrics - Burning Smell

    My money would be on the heater element. Moisture can penetrate through a pin-hole in the outer sheath, leading to internal shorting.
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    EM interference from Hive or smart meters?

    Not sure. One bell has the option to change something slightly (the frequency I guess, with 12 different settings), but whichever setting is chosen the ghost rings still occur. I suppose a sufficiently high level noise pulse, containing a wide frequency range, might overwhelm any selective...
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    EM interference from Hive or smart meters?

    I did wonder about mains signalling; hence my inclusion of an RF filter in the bell's USB supply. I could foil-wrap the bell, but I really want it available at all times. Ghost rings are generally only one or two per day, at random times of the day or night, so it would have to be foil-wrapped...
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    EM interference from Hive or smart meters?

    Thanks for that useful link. It indicates that frequency-wise the smart meters shouldn't be the issue with my doorbell. It also usefully indicates that my meters' comms hub is presently in an error state.:)
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    EM interference from Hive or smart meters?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't noticed any aerials locally, other than the usual TV yagis. Besides, a ham session would normally last a reasonable time, so would likely generate more than just one or two pulses per day. That's what I suspect. Some remotes are advertised as having '1000 ft...
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    Toilet - producing brown slush from the bottom no signs of leaks from pipes

    Could be a small crack at the base of the U-bend, caused by over-enthusiastic use of the toilet brush?
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    EM interference from Hive or smart meters?

    I'm getting occasional ghost rings on my wireless doorbell, day or night, but I'm not sure what is triggering them. I have two different brands of bell, but both suffer from these ghost rings. The bell/bell-push use the 433MHz band (as do various garage door openers and other remotes, so one of...
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    400 a day plus you pay for my tools

    Which site? The CaT one or the .gov one?
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    Adhesive with only low / medium strength? for attaching wall trim

    Blu Tack, or similar, might do the job for you? I've used it successfully for mounting house numbers and bell-pushes.
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    Removing stuck fence panel between two slotted concrete posts

    The only reason I can think of is that the post cross section is tapered, to make it easy to remove the cast concrete from a mould, but the flanges either side of the slot need to have a minimum thickness for strength. Having a slightly wider slot on the wider part of the post minimises the...