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    Raised bed anchor

    Hi, I am building a raised bed along the rear fence line. I am wondering whether it would be ok to anchor it to the ground using a metal sleeper bracket rather than using concrete. It will have 3 sides and be about 1.5-2 foot deep
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    Silgranit sink repair

    Managed to put a crack in my white Blanco Silgranit sink. Anyone have any experience repairing a similar material? I am thinking of using some sort of resin (araldite or similar) and sanding down. I thought blanco would of sold some sort of repair kit but they dont.
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    Pergola anchored in tall planters

    Most likely some removable fabric on the top. Nothing growing. Faux leaf trellis on the sides maybe. Possibly using 90-100cm pots.
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    Pergola anchored in tall planters

    Hi, is it possible/safe to screw 4 tall planters to decking and concrete in posts for a pergola? Said pergola will be approx 2.5x4 & 2.5 tall.
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    Fitting rail to existing deck.

    Hi, After some advice or tips on adding a rail to my existing deck. The deck was already here when i bought the house and has a foundation made up of what looks like a mix of breeze block and brick. Its not the best job but seems solid for the most part. They have anchored batten to this...
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    Can I install a ceiling fed shower close to a IP rated spot light?

    Hi everyone, I have 4 spot lights in my bathroom (IP fire rated). I have installed a corner shower tray and want to get a ceiling fed digital shower. The light in that corner is a little off centre in respect to the shower tray. is there any regulations about how close I could have the shower...
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    2 coats of K-Rend base coat

    Can I use K rend base coat as a top coat, and just paint it? Reasons for not going straight for the coloured top coat are using 2 layers of base coat is a lot cheaper than top coat the wall that is being rendered (block) is going to be 80-90% covered by a fence so I would paint it and put the...
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    Chrome rectangle box section

    Currently in work. But i will try and explain. 2 copper pipes coming up through tiles by about 12". From there they are on flexi hoses up to the bath. The reason i have not just connected the flexis to the correct tap for now is because the actual hot tap is goosed so it becomes difficult to...
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    Chrome rectangle box section

    Its a bit too late to change the pipework. Tiles are down. Well the flexi were supposed to be temporary but as the hot and cold are switched i may need to keep them on flex. I might just get used to having the hot on the right and cold on left and use regular pipe covers
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    Chrome rectangle box section

    Does anyone know if i can get chrome box section to cover both water pipes for freestanding bath. I would of bought regular piper covers but the plumber messed up and supplied the hot and cold wrong way round. I could just get used to the hot on the right but with it being closest to edge of the...
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    Raising floor level to match after knock through

    the issue I have is that the floor is 18mm out at the meeting point of the 2 rooms but is almost level at the entrance door. So i need to make a large jump at one end without making life hard at the other end
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    Raising floor level to match after knock through

    Hi, I recently brought down a partition stud wall that was splitting the conservatory. Now the floors dont match by about 18mm. I want to have the same floor throughout. Am I OK to drill plug and screw plywood over the existing tiles and lay laminate over the top with an underlay? Would I need...
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    Induction hob under a polycarb roof??

    Hi, I am buying a house with the kitchen opened out into an open plan conservatory. No walls or doors seperating the rooms. Seller has stated they have all the correct permission and building regs for this. I plan to put a new kitchen in which i will have an island with an induction hob on it...
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    Bricking up conservatory windows (1 side)

    No i am buying the house. It was already like that. I assume they had the relevent permission. Any other input regarding being able to replace side windows with a full brick wall?