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    Toilet/Bath & Sink waste advice.

    Afternoon, I am after a bit of advice on how to go about moving my toilet waste and then reconnecting up the basin/bath waste. The current setup consists of basin and bath waste going through the external wall that leads into the kitchen extension roof void and then out of the side into the...
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    Messed up! Toilet to water supply.

    Just to update. With a little time I managed to make a new hole further down and get the pipe down through the new hole. All sorted now and connected up! Cheers
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    Messed up! Toilet to water supply.

    I think thats what i'm going to have to do. The toilet is going against that wall in the picture, ive pust positioned the toilet close so you can see the rough position of the pipe. What i'm going to try is to pull the pipe back through at the other end and make a new hole and try and get it...
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    Messed up! Toilet to water supply.

    Slightly is an understatement after moving it closer. I have lifted the toilet onto one of the tiles that will be fitted, even with adhesive it's not going to go that far up. The toilet will be up against the wall that the pipe is coming out of when fitted, I suspect that it's going to be in the...
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    Messed up! Toilet to water supply.

    So I've recently created an ensuite in a bedroom. Connected up to soil pipe, connected up to water using a JG connector and all was well. I then removed the toilet and set about plasterboarding the walls up and run ing the pipe work within the wall coming out near the top of the soil pipe...
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    Cutting Newel Post

    My only issue so far now is that the current newel post is 75mm, much smaller than current ones so to get a new post in the correct place may have problems connecting it to the surface what would be left over from the current newel post. My plan was to cut the existing newel post to floor...
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    Radiator Pipes / new style rads?

    Afternoon, Currently all our radiators are supplied with old style gray plastic 15mm pipe until where they come up from the floor is copper. I am wanting to at least replace the valves and use chrome pipe (not radsnaps, i don't really rate them) in place of the copper. Could any one...
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    Toilet Soil Waste

    Thanks for the help. Got the soil pipe in and connected up, got a JG tap connector and all is well! Cheers.
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    Toilet Soil Waste

    Thanks for the reply! Got the toilet and put some tiles down roughly so I can get the marking and carry out the work, Just a quick question regarding the water supply, I would like it to be as neat and hidden as possible. I'll be using JG 15mm pipes and isolation valves further down the pipe...
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    Toilet Soil Waste

    Installing a new connection into the soil pipe in the next week or so. I know the fall is around 18mm / 25mm or around for 1m of pipe externally. The exit hole will be pretty close to where the soil pipe is as its the new toilet will be pretty much in the same place as the current toilet just...
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    Cutting Newel Post

    Currently renovating a room and want to change the banister that is along the top. There are two posts currently there that are deep into the structure of the stairs. These need to come out so i can replace with proper spindles. Is it as simple as cutting the current posts level with the...
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    Insulating parts of loft

    Thanks for that. Makes everything a little more clearer. Ill update my progress once done :).
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    Roof / Loft Support. Can anything be done?

    Asked another couple of builders I know and they said it wouldn't be doing anything now and could probably be taken out and left. To be on the safe side I'm going to put in a couple of restraint straps from the wood to the brick work along the wall. Extra protection and piece of mind for a few...