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    Many many moons ago
    A five year stint, inspecting, specifying and overseeing the works on old property improvements having an active caseload of 150 to deal with. Special responsibilities for adaption for the disabled. Working with Architects, Structural Engineers, Building Control Officers (Some old student pals!), and various Local Authority Departments. Loved discussing problems and solutions with Structural Engineers. Memorable issues - Reporting a dangerous roof to Building Control who did not act fast enough. A month or so later it ended up in the street and on the front page of the paper!

    Never had a tradesman work on my own home as I can do it all myself - Drawings, BC submissions Plastering (really struggle with ceilings due arm ache!), Plumbing, Electrics, lead burning etc. Likes a Smoothing plane, hates the Electric one!

    35 years in the construction industry so far, most with an international Building Contractor and still learning.

    Hates Cowboys - Cringes at Bodgers - Posters beware
    Has a sense of humour!
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