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  • Hi Boilerdoktor, I have been reading a post regarding a green star 40cdi conventional boiler with rapid rising temperature issues and the potential that it might be a PCB update issue. I would be really grateful if you could provide some advice or better still have a look at the boiler. I live in Launceston Cornwall so not far away. Do you have a contact number?
    Hi sorry I’m so so busy. If you ring Worcester bosch they charge £290 which includes all parts. It will be good value for money for you
    Ian bounsall
    Many thanks
    Hi boilerdoktor, I have some Chinese friends in Manchester as I was in Blackburn before. Can you give me your contact details so I might pass some boiler repairs jobs for you. my mobile: 07944 168888, thanks, Ming
    Hi Mate, so sorry to bug you on a Sunday. I was just reading a posting of yours which may be relevant to my own problem at home. I am a gas engineer myself and I recently installed one of the new Salamander Home-Boost pumps under my 30CDi combi (this pump boosts the mains and can either be installed on the incoming main or under the boiler to just boost the hot water. Your post (u9 is a blocking stage where the boiler is protecting itself. It means the primary temp has reached 109 degrees and so the boiler switches the burner off until such time the temp measured within the boiler drops.

    Is there air in the system? No
    whats the it at 1-1.5 bar? 1.5
    Is the pump running? Yes

    My problem is that when I shower everything is perfect but when running the bath (same thermostatic bath/shower valve the hot water is good for about 3 minutes then goes to the U9 overheat code. The hot water then runs cold and the boiler diverts the hit water to the CH flow. The only difference between the bath and shower is that the bath runs freely and the shower head my slightly reduce the flow. Does this sound like a heat exchanger issue even though the hot water is perfect and always was until about 2 weeks after I installed the pump to my mains? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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