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    The matter of drop wire into IDC in NTE 5. When working for Telefonbau u Normalzeit in Germany ( designing electronic telephone exchange equipment ) one of the task was to evaluate the then new technique of using IDC connections for MDFs in exchange rooms.

    I am aware that some timesthe domestic drop wire is IDCed into NTE 5 by some OpenReach staff. In the case of my line this did not happen as the Upper Level Resolution Team at OpenReach were aware of the situation following a fiasco a year previously when BT sales failed to communicate with OpenReach. No doubt the engineer had been told to do the install properly. Even then the BT sales -OpenReach "communication" went totally wrong.

    The previous fiasco was that the request from my tenant ( she rents an out building for a retail shop ) for a new line to the outbuilding ended up with OpenReach putting her concentrator port onto the spare line that ended in my then empty cottage. Only by going to the URLT at OpenReach could BT be made to admit their mistake. The recorded conversation clearly showed the tenant has made it clear a new cable would have to be installed.

    For my line BT sales people insisted there was a spare pair to the cottage in the four pair aerial from the DP. I stated there wasn't, they stated there was. I knew there wasn't as one pair was the line to the outbuilding and the other three were in use by another business. The engineer arrived with a work sheet that said, connect NTE 5 to existing pair in cottage, He had to string a new aerial from DP to the cottage,


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