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    Puma 100e DHW Flow Limiter

    Thanks for the replies, i'll have a look over the weekend.
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    Puma 100e DHW Flow Limiter

    My Puma 100e is fine on the CH but the DHW flow has reduced over a couple of weeks to a much lower flow rate. It was always a restricted flow for the first 30 secs or so as the water warmed up but now it doesn't increase. Am I right in suspecting the DHW Thermostat/Flow Limiter Assembly has a...
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    Potterton Puma 100e tripping out house circuit breaker

    Thanks. I'll have a look. If I leave it to dry out it may be ok?
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    Potterton Puma 100e tripping out house circuit breaker

    I've recently had a problem with water pressure dropping on this boiler and water flow from the hot tap seemed lower than usual. However this afternoon when I went to turn the heating on again the RCCB in the house circuit breaker had tripped out. Every time I switch the boiler on at the wall...
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    Old aluminium double glazed window fixing clips?

    I have an old aluminium double glazed window that I want to fit to my garage to replace an old rusty crittall window. The window seems to be secured to the surround by alloy clip things that you place in the slot round the edge of the frame and swivel until they lock into place then you screw...
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    UPVC Back Door replacement panel?

    Hi My back door has a double glazed glass top half and a solid panel bottom half with a leaky cat flap in it which I don't need. Where can I obtain a replacement panel to fit to eliminate the draughts in my kitchen? Or maybe I could use some upvc material to cover the cat flap hole? Thanks...
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    Crumbly Concrete Garage Floor - Line with Plywood?

    Wondering if its a good idea to line my garage floor with plywood sheets? At the moment it has a very dusty and crumbly surface. Presumably it need to be screwed down. What thickness would be the best bet? Thanks.
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    Gainsborough Electric Shower Problem

    Was showering today with my Energy 2000x electric shower set on Medium setting when it went dead and water stopped. The fuse had tripped out. Reset fuse and shower working again but is now cold on Low and Medium settings - but hot on High setting. Am I right in thinking the heat exchanger has...
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    Vinyl Floor Fitting In Bathroom

    Just wondered if it's possible to loosen screws holding toilet to floorboards just enough to slide vinyl flooring underneath rather than try to cut round toilet? Thanks.
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    106 Poor Tickover - injector problem?

    My 1998 106 1360cc multi point injection is suffering from an uneven tickover and a slight miss at low speeds. Have replaced Lambda, spark plugs and HT leads but still no difference. Yesterday I had a look at the plugs and noticed the one nearest to the timing belt was black and sooty while...
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    Potterton 100 combi HW but no CH

    Had exactly the same problem with my Puma last year - turned out to be main PCB had burnt out on the pins where one of the the connectors plug in. A new board fixed it.
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    Potterton Puma 100e no H/W or CH and burning smell?

    Well I have found voltage at the fan so looks like the fan has had it? Presumably a broken fan would stop boiler working completely? Thanks.
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    Potterton Puma 100e Fan - same as an 80e?

    Need a new fan for my 100e and have been offered one for a 80e which has different part number so I guess it is different in some way and unsuitable? Anyone confirm this? Thanks
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    Potterton Puma 100e no H/W or CH and burning smell?

    Thanks. I'll test tomorrow. So if i find 230v at fan then the fan has gone - if no voltage then it's the PCB? Right? Any recommendations for Potterton spares suppliers?
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    Potterton Puma 100e no H/W or CH and burning smell?

    Thanks for the replies. I took the cover off to see the fan. The fan doesn't seem to be running even when CH or HW are on. The pump does seem to run (put a screwdriver on it and other end to my ear and can hear a whirring noise).When I undo the black screw thing on front of pump and turn pump...