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    I apologise for being part of the reason your thread has gone so far off topic.

    The reason is that streaker99 insists on jumping in and promoting the Yale DIY
    systems which he supplies and installs.

    Yale alarms work and can be a good alarm system provided the user / installer is
    fully aware of the problems that will arise and takes action to compensate for them
    before they arise. But streaker makes small of the problems.

    Like sleep mode which is essential for battery life and for technical and regulatory reasons.

    I will not post this on the forum as it is a way to defeat the system. If the user walks from his living room to the front door and sets the alarm and leaves the house an intruder can break in the living room while the sensor is still in sleep mode and will not trigger the alarm. What is more once in the room the intruders movements keep the sensor in sleep mode. Going into another room with a different sensor will activate the alarm but the living room could be stripped bare.

    Personally I would try to avoid the use of licence exempt wireless in any safety critical
    equipment but if wireless was the only way then I would use equipment that used two way
    communication on all the links between sensors and control panel.


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