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    Conduit for data cable - vertical spacing and gluing?

    This weekend I need to run a short 2-3m section of vertical 20mm conduit on an outside wall as mechanical protection to a Cat6 cable running to an IP CCTV camera. Because of the location of the internet hub and the camera being pretty much on the other side of the wall I’m coming through the...
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    Shed Base - bearers or no bearers?

    My plan is to use 3x2. The current shed is 8ft wide with the slabs laid so that the bearer goes corner to corner. Basically means the bearer is supported the full length except for three 6” gaps between the slabs. The new shed will be larger but I plan to replicate the slab pattern. These look...
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    Shed Base - bearers or no bearers?

    Currently have a B&Q 8x6 shed that I’m planning on replacing with my own build. Shed sits on weed barrier, 2-3” of gravel and then a grid of slabs so that the 3 bearers of the current shed are on the slabs. The floor is nailed to the bearers and bends and flexes under the lightest weight as...
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    Suggestions for controlling/limiting outdoor lighting

    I'm looking for suggestions on controlling outdoor lighting to limit a friend of mine wasting money. My 80 something friend is registered blind and lives alone with her guide dog. She has an eye condition that means she needs huge amounts of light to be able to barely see what she is doing...
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    Thermostat Question

    My grandparents (in-law) refuse to accept how their RF therm works. They insist on keeping it on top of their old style TV that is relatively warm so that "they can see the temperature" - which keeps it just warm enough not to bring the heating on to their satisfaction. So when they want the...
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    Replacing mechanical Thermostat

    I have a CM907 and previous stat had live, neutral and switched live. Live goes to A, switched live to B and the neutral needs terminating in a terminal block. The CM907 doesn't need the neutral wire and there isn't a "spare" block on the stat to put it in. FWIW I set my timer clock in the...
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    A little help understanding "Optimum Start".

    Thanks for the replies. I looked at the weather comp stats but didn't understand how weather comp works? Plus it wouldnt be easy to get a temp wire out to the outside world from the stat position (and I cant change that) and they were beyond my budget. To be honest I wasn't looking for a...
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    A little help understanding "Optimum Start".

    So our new up-to-date CH fitted in the summer took us back in time with a rotary thermostat (rather annoyingly the installers took away (and "lost") my Horstmann DRT so I couldn't reinstall it). I got a good deal on a Honeywell CM907 and installed it this week. But I'm a little confused...
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    Dumping waste in the garden

    The previous tenant of my house installed a sophisticated burglar deterant in the garden. They recycled their beer bottles by pushing them neck down into the soil and then smashing the bottoms off. ...come to think of it, it was a deterant for anyone to go in the garden - not just...
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    Landscape fabric staples/pegs

    From my experience when I didn't pin the sheet down the gravel crept under the joining edge and it eventually lifted up through the gravel. I scraped the gravel back and pinned the sheet down with 4" nails and washers along the joining edges. Much cheaper than fabric pins or staples. Pack of...
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    Adding 2 x 2G Sockets - Which is my best option?

    So THAT'S who the ignore button is for. :wink:
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    Adding 2 x 2G Sockets - Which is my best option?

    So this is option 3 with the addition of a FCU (Fused Connection Unit?) between the CU and the first socket?
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    Adding 2 x 2G Sockets - Which is my best option?

    Does that mean the plumber who installed my shower should have done that the for shower circuit he added (the unlabelled MCB on the left)? If I flick this to OFF will that render ALL of the wires in the CU to not be live?
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    Adding 2 x 2G Sockets - Which is my best option?

    So the wife has decided that she wants to wall mount a new TV on the bedroom wall, but there's no electrical sockets nearby. I'm a confident DIY'er and have previously worked on the electrics installing outdoor lighting and spurring off a socket - so I feel I can do the work that's needed...
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    Bathroom Extractor Fan : Power versus Location

    My bathroom is a similar size (without the sloping roof). The council rewired in Dec 2010 and the job included installing fans in the bathroom and kitchen. I've altered the original diagram to show the placement that the contractors put my bathroom fan and its USELESS...