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    Broken bond Marley Ludlow plus?

    Yes you can half bond Ludlow plus . And no there are no tile and halves
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    Is this an acceptable gap size between fascia and wall?

    You laugh, furthest west we've been to work is Plymouth, virginstowe , bristol, tintagel. Furthest east Folkestone and all along the south coast . All over London , three times to isle of arran , Newcastle , Leyburn Yorkshire ..many more.. lots in France from Normandy, Brittany , la Rochelle...
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    Is this an acceptable gap size between fascia and wall?

    Renders all over the place ..
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    Water above my window?

    Id guess there is tile or flashing damage higher up the roof. That's a fair amount leaking
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    Leaking outside pipe

    cracked socket . Molten lead lol it's a rain water pipe not svp
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    Velux on Sarnafil 15 deg Flashing

    If you have built a non standard kerb , then obviously Velux won't have a flashing to fit. They will make one. I this case it should be simple for the single ply installer to weather all round , the only bit that will be tricky is the back gutter upstand and this could be dealt with using any...
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    Velux on Sarnafil 15 deg Flashing

    It could easily be done in single ply. you just need to make a back gutter trim or even cut down one of theirs. They did do these for their own kerbs once upon a time
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    Neighbours smoke blowing down chimney

    Put a slate over the top of theirs ..simple
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    Roof vent tile leak

    Or a simple lead slate and weathering collar and mushroom cowl for extractor. I've never seen a problem with vents at 15... What gauge are your tiles at ?
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    Roof leak advice

    Interesting arrangement , do you have a picture showing the area of exit on the outside
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    Bodge Job?

    its not your main weather proofing. to the left of the hole there appears to be a hip? that makes things harder. But as there are no outside images.. there can only be guesses.. Maybe jump up and do it yourself and bank the money.
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    Corroded lead flashing from condensation

    penny gapped board or building paper. not onto ply or osb. venting is good too.
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    Pitched to Flat Roof Leak

    if any of the images are after a repar images.. get a new roofer who knows how to fit cement fibre slate and doesn't have flash band in his van. its a mess and will leak forever
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    Bodge Job?

    so what has been done? I see a hole in the felt. even if the felts holed you should not have a leak
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    Warped/bowing roof beam

    The roof has been replaced. an outside picture might help , I'd guess its been stripped and interlocking tiles fitted.. look to fit struts off the purlin to stop further stress