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    Removing dated stone fireplace

    No the wall is all brick to the side and above the fire place, this property is about 45 years old, I want to make the hearth more narrow though by taking out a couple of the floor slabs either end because at the moment its just too wide, (2.6m), after taking it out I'd like to rebuild with red...
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    Removing dated stone fireplace

    Would like to remove this old stone fireplace and replace with something modern. It looks really well built! Its going to be dusty obviously, the fireplace is not load bearing, actual stack is on the outside of the property, good idea to tackle it with a SDS drill, chisel attachment or just...
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    Green sticky wires

    Renewed a light switch at weekend, after taking off the cover noticed what looks like green sticky oil on the terminal contacts. Unscrewed a ceiling rose and noticed the same sticky gunk on the live terminals only. Unscrewed another rose to check and this one was clean. Any ideas why this is...