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    Possible asbestos?

    I've spotted this in our attic, any idea what it is? The house was built in 1986
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    How to remove plinth/kickboard on bathroom unit

    Thanks but I can't get to the offending area without taking off the kickboards
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    How to remove plinth/kickboard on bathroom unit

    I have a bathroom unit with a terrible draught. Using a mirror looking down inside of the cupboard I can see a large hole where the pipes enter, to get at it I need to remove this plinth/kickboard but it almost feels glued in place. Definitely not like removing a kitchen kickboard held on by the...
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    Type of insulation to insulate kitchen & bathroom that back onto garage

    I would like to add some insulation to these walls in the garage as the bathroom is noticably colder as it juts out into the garage. Is something like this the best way to go -