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    Painting a driveway...

    Hi, I was thinking about painting my driveway as a cheap way of sprucing it up. This is what the driveway looks like: So it has a lot of stones mixed in with the concrete and its a kind of sandy colour. Is this type of driveway suitable for painting and if so does anyone have any paint...
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    Trying to design a kitchen... looking for good on-line planner

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to design a new kitchen for my home and I'm looking for a tool or piece of software that would be ideal for the job, what I need is: Flexibility, the ability to add curved corners/units, tiles, styled and coloured finishes Ability to view the plan in 2D and 3D to ensure...
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    Repainting skirting boards - water based over oil

    Blimey, thank you for all your help misterhelpful... you certainly live up to your username. Feel a lot more confident about this task now, brilliant :D
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    Repainting skirting boards - water based over oil

    OK I'm sure you've all seen a lot of threads on skirting boards and painting over oil based paint with a water based one... I know I have so I must apologise in advance if this is something you have all been asked to death. I've read so many contradictory things but this forum has always popped...