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    Sagging cast iron gutter under slate roof

    Thx yr response. The facing would have been level when first fixed. It now leans outward considerably. Don’t understand the suggestion you make.
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    Sagging cast iron gutter under slate roof

    The fascia board is not vertical causing overflow. I think The angle is too great around to pack the brackets . Does this mean a complete removal of the sagging section, fixing leveling attachments to the rafters and then refit a new fascia board? The slates are very heavy swithland slate whick...
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    Sealing cracked toilet pan

    Hi, I want to seal a crack in the outside of a toilet pan which leaves a little. It's an outside loo so not a major problem and it's a very fine crack but wets a tiled floor. Replacement would me a complete refurb. which I can't afford to do so I'd like to repair it if possible. Droglite :(
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    render repair on exposed chimney

    Hi, I'm due to patch repair a smooth render on an exposed defunct chimney. I have read that the render should not be painted ( White Dulux weathersheild) for ages afterwards but this is impractical as ther job need to be completed as quickly as poss. as I don't want to leave the ladders...