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  • Hi duzzer I’ve been a cheapskate and picked up a hive heating and hot water kit cheap and I’m struggling connecting it up. I have a baxi duo tec 28 combi and I’m hoping there’s a way of getting the duel receiver rigged up. Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Hi Duzzer, need your help please. I have the G1 ( heating only ) single channel connecting to a Baxi Duo-Tec 24.
    I have wired it as I've been instructed system all lights up as it should but when you request heating, green light comes on but the boiler won't respond ???
    I would show you the wiring pic but not sure how to upload them on this forum. Need your help please or from any Hive expert
    Hi Duzzer, I've noticed that you seem to be the person to speak to about Hive. I have a Baxi Eco Elite DS which I'm trying to instal Hive G1 Single Channel too. I have connected No1 on the Hive to No2 on the boiler and No3 on Hive to No1 on the boiler. The Hive works and switches but doesn't fire the heating on the boiler. It's a new boiler with only the mechanical timer switch fitted. Any ideas?
    Hi Duzzer,
    You said the boilers wireless thermostat can be bypassed so the Hive works without it.
    How do I achieve that?
    It's a Baxi DuoTec 33 with I tegraed wireless receiver module (factory supplied).
    I've tried disconnecting/unplugging the wireless receiver, but that stops the Hive from working.
    Cheers for the help!
    I'm in work tomorrow you can ring me if you like. but if you want to try this. The integral reciever will have L N and then probably Live in and out just put the Live in and out together with a terminal block or something. I'm a BG engineer and fitted 50+ Hives reply if you want my number and you can ring me tomorrow no problem.
    Hi Duzzer,
    I've just come across your old entry concerning a faulty Sola Grill Burner on a New World Cooker, and you say 'it's a simple job to replace the burner..' However,I can't seem to find any way to do this .Are there some fixing screws somewhere? and does the repair have to be done from the back?
    Also, since it's virtually impossible to obtain a new replacement, do you think it would be OK to spot-weld a small piece over the finger-sized hole in the mesh? The rest of the mesh looks OK.
    You can contact me on ammonite 35 at googlemail dot com. Thanks, M
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