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    I didn't want to put this on a DIY forum.

    The electrical intallation in my cottage is far from "normal" due to the contraints of a 490 year old building with thatched roof and a conservation officer who wants it all kept as original. So while a safe install it is a "bit removed" from the way a run of the mill electrician would do it.

    The over two foot thick wall that is very difficult to core through meant treating kitchen and cottage as two separate installs with submains through an existing hole in the wall. Even that is not straight and getting two 10 mm twin and earth and bonds through with necessary protective sleeving was far from easy.

    There are two consumer units in the kitchen. One divides the incomer into 5 submains, 2 of these go out to feed TT to outbuildings, the third feeds the kitchen CU and the other two feed a dual RCD consumer unit inside the cottage. That is out of the way, accessible if needed using a stool or short step ladder. It only has MCBs protecting the sub-mains and these are unlikely to trip Its position was dictated by the only place the new supply and meter box could be fitted. ( conservation rules ).


    Thank you:) Our mistake was to negotiate the £350 exchange with the contractors who tuned up on the door rather than C and O. So they managed to get away without giving us any receipts etc. I'm not sure why he didn't just add testing of the existing circuits onto the Kewtech form... didn't mean anything anyway as he was not 'competent'....but I do agree that the behaviour of C and O has been very odd. I suspect that I am not the first person to have discovered a problem with this electrician, and worse I suspect that IKEA weren't too surprised about it all either but I will see what they say tomorrow. I don't think that C and O are actually sub-contracted to Ikea as our contract is with C and O, and we just paid Ikea £250 for the pleasure of having the incompetents do the work for us.

    Thanks again
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