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    Just been looking at one of your posts where you said you managed to find the Oceanus radiators online, but under a different brand. I wanted to buy another Oceanus for my latest project (used one of these rads on my last renovation), but see that the price in Screwfix has increased by £50 over the last 2 years.... I would be very grateful if you could point me in the direction of the radiators that you found!

    Many thanks

    Ian Frizell
    Initially I thought the first series of LOM would end by Sam waking up and supplying the information to save Mya.
    Leaving it a mystery how did Sam know this?
    I was quite pleased with the ending and have LOM series 1 and 2 and I keep threatening to watch them all agan now that I know were Sam really is.
    Did you have any theory on what the possible ending might have been?
    "All but the smallest (the type you occasionally see above sinks that provide just enough water to wash your hands) will be suitable for your existing supply."

    You probably meant "unsuitable" - if so you should edit it before it's too late....

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