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    Baxi 105e combi boiler

    why spend so much on parts when i hate to say it but you would ov been better getting a repair by baxi or bg
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    ...Ideal isar he24.....

    Does your pressure gauge fluctuate?
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    Ideal mexico boiler error code problem

    yes call a gas engineer its the o******t s**t or the b***d
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    Ideal Isar m30100 drip

    why did you take the cover off if your not gas safe? i wouldn't get someone who isn't experienced at doing the job you need
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    Ideal Logic 24 - condenser pipe

    are you gas safe registered?
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    Ideal Isar HE35 Expansion vessel replace - easy ???

    no if it's gotta come off the wall
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    Central Heating - pipe riser first or last in circuit

    why are you fitting your own boiler and heating system when you don't know what your doing? pay someone to do it properly will save you a lot of money in the future as your work will need ripping out and re-doing who is gonna do your gas pipe? are you gase safe reg?
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    Ideal HE24 boiler flashing heating or hot water!

    dont get a new pcb get a decent rgi instead
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    New Ideal Combi Logic 30

    you have a leak,probably on the radiator or pipework that has been fitted recently
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    Ideal ISAR HE30 no hot water

    you can buy the washers for the phx for around a tenner not sure what u mean regarding air top up valve auto air vent? have u bled all the rads? have you unblocked the exp vess flexi pipe?
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    Is my Honeywell CMT921 thermostat broken??

    £180? it is what it is try getting an engineer to do it as it might be cheaper, i only pay around £100 for a cm 921 he will also rebind it correctly
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    Ideal Isar HE30 Combi Boiler - Replace Diverter Valve Head ?

    have you put the valve on the correct way round?
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    Ideal ISAR HE30 no hot water

    does the return pipe get hot? 22mm to the right yes change phx