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    Soil against garage walls

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    Soil against garage walls

    Intended 6*3 garage build would need removing soil nigh on 1 mrt high just to get to ground level. That would entail also building a garden wall. I'm ok doing that on the side with a path but at the rear can I put anything inbetween blocks and soil to prevent damp.Thanks
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    Garage blocks face down or wood inner

    Thank you. Any thoughts on insulation. I'm thinking damp proof membrane between blocks and stud frame infilled with loft insulation? Covered with?
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    Garage blocks face down or wood inner

    First I take it building garage with blocks laid on flat side is easier then on edge? Also is this better insulation than inner wood frame with insulation of some kind. (Part of the garage would be a small room. Thanks
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    Garage against soil.

    Build Garage against soil - advice
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    Flat roof improvements on bungalow

    Moved to a number of bungalows. Never considered those with flat roof extensions other than small utility. However that removes a great number from the possible move to list. Is there any improvements to felt type ones to make them more waterproof for longer? Of particular concern are the older...
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    25 slabs sand cement required

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    25 slabs sand cement required

    Hi, For 25, 450 x 450 riven slabs (32mm) and circa full bed 25mm compo how many bags of sand / cement do I need? Thanks.
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    Side garage roof rafters fixiBuild Control

    Thanks for replies. Total height to eaves is 2250 taken from bottom of150mm DC. Ok but would look too much like a tunnel. So no joy. But thanks again.
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    Side garage roof rafters fixiBuild Control

    Thanks for replies. Ignore windows etc on pics as its not going there, just easier to take pics. The bungalow is around 60 yrs old with 60/70 mm cavity. The walls would not take heavy fixings. Bungalow rafters main weight is on inner wall. I also know planning would not agree to going above...
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    Slab for garden building

    Circa 3.25 by 3.25 by 2.75 high brick/block storage + disabled scooter end of drive, hence on garden. That would mean removing circa 500mm of soil as area above. At the bottom will be sand/clay/stones (digging for previous extension showed that). Clearance of 450mm is required all round plus a...
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    Side garage roof rafters fixiBuild Control

    Under Building Notice I'm Intending to side attach garage (just under 5 mtrs long by 3 mrts wide) to bungalow. I want flat roof under eaves. As it's under eaves how would garage roof rafters fit to bungalow wall that would satisfy Build Control. Thanks
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    Zanussi Oven turns itself on

    Hi, not happened for awhile, don't know why not. When it happened was after finished cooking when as you say on cooling down period. Ray
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    Smart TV or not - no internet

    Thank you for the info looks like a smart then