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  • Duncan, My mobile number is 07970914854 please feel free to pass on to your sister, as I said I am in leatherhead and not that far away. Mostly the electricians are commercial but I will ask around and get some names of recommended locals.
    Duncan, not sure if its all still an issue but I worked until recently as an estimator for a construction company and may be able to help. I am only along the road aways at Leatherhead and have done the domestic installer course so have a good understanding of electrics and pricing, I am not touting for doing electrical work as I am not qualified but I do know some electricians and other contractors who may be able to help. If your interested please PM me and I will try and help.
    hi please can you help me. I noticed you posted on a thread about asbestos in floor tiles and said they arent a real risk. My husband and I removed some floor tiles in our home a couple of years ago without realising they probably contained asbestos. The house was built in the 60s/70s and they were the black shney vinyl floor tiles. We tried to break as few as possible and I did wear a mask for some of it but we also spent time without a mask on and as it was the main room of the house spent a lot of time in the room while we were doing the work and then in the evenings!! I am terrified we have put ourselves at huge risk! Lots of tiles did break and we ate some food in there too (though we mainly ate in our kitchen - but downstairs has no doors!). We had windows open etc. Do i need to panic? what would be the best course of action for us? We have laminate now over where the floor tiles were removed but should we remove these and treat the floor underneth to prevent any asbestos escape? Or are we best to leave it and stop worrying?
    Please any advice would be really greatfully recieved!
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