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    Could be an Audi R8
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    Radiator not heating up on one side

    AFAIR you can preset the valve flow with a special tool from Drayton. ie. they can act as a tamper proof lockshield. Google Drayton D34 for starters..
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    How often should the central heating expansion vessel be topped up?

    What size vessel and what boiler model (ie. is it a system boiler?)
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    Reconfiguring Ideal boiler PCB (KM821 I2) to correct model and size

    AFAIR the earlier pcbs were boiler specific but the later pcbs required the code plug (a small pcb) for the main pcb to determine the model. Which type of pcb is the plumber trying to fit?
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    Vacuum cleaners for dusty jobs

    I've got the mid size Titan. Don't know whether the qualities dropped in the 5 years I've owned it but it's been a great cleaner. It's had a very hard life sucking brick dust from core drilling and mortar raking. It also gets used for emptying sludge from F&E cisterns. For what i paid it's been...
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    Arcing in main cutout fuse..DNO says ok

    It's in the fuse or connections....I just wondered if there's some particular ancient type of fuse that is prone to arc noise.
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    Worcester 532/i always 'on'

    This is a 20 year old boiler and the first generation condensing Worcester (AFAIR manufactured by Junkers/Bosch). They were a great boiler but are now getting on. The noise could be the pump continuously running, it's a known issue with these early DDPWM pumps. A full and proper service...
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    Arcing in main cutout fuse..DNO says ok

    I was investigating a customers heating system...the 3A FCU, 16 MCB & the RCD were blowing/tripping all at the same time. (that I may have resolved only time will tell). Anyway, whilst at the consumer unit I could hear the 60A fuse connections in the ceramic block arcing when I leaned on the...
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    Expansion vessel question

    Boiler manufacturers often have the valve at the bottom. It's normal for a little water to collect in the vessel on the air side but more than 1/2 a cup and you'd assume the diaphragm is perforated.
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    Gas pipe through wall

    Pipes are sealed on the inside to a leak can vent to the outside but gas meter boxes are a much higher risk (far more chance of leaks from the meter & connections) so the spigot in the box is sealed...
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    15-60/130 pump details

    The high efficiency Grundfos UPS2 head will fit directly onto an old Grundfos back casing (provided it's not corroded etc).
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    Blue gas flame with orange flashes

    It's just rust particles on the black burner caps burning off...give them a tap and the whole flame will go orange.
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    Inaccessible Gas meter

    The chip shop owner must have access to the meter control valve at all times so either the meter needs re-locating or he must be able to gain access to your shop at all times. This is not an unusual occurrence, the regulations appeared to changed some time ago, at one time it was deemed...