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  • I note your comment about Ariston boilers in an old thread (2011) - and I'm being pushed an Ariston by a heating engineer I'm currently dealing with. I need a system boiler, is your beef with Combis or the brand as a whole? I note Ariston and ATAG have the same parent company, and ATAG have quite a good reputation - what's your take on this please?

    We're both concerned. me particularly because it's my money I'm spending and he's concerned too because it bothers him that he's not entirely sure, but is working as am I on a balance of probabilities.
    The boiler worked fine last time it was in use when the house was let out about 20 months ago (September 2013)
    Can you help at all please?
    Although I'm a plumber and Electrician I'm not gas safe registered nowadays and so I called in and paid Mike Webb who is for an opinion. He's no real experience of Ariston. but he examined the boiler meticulously .
    I had explained my findings to him in detail and he's gone through exactly the procedures i have and come to the conclusion , like me that it must surely be the three way valve that's faulty.
    (it's a differential pressure operated diaphragm which pushes a magnet encased ion a plastic plunger to operate the leaf switch)
    just isn't moving to make the circuit. Both the entire unit and small diaphragm have been replaced there were signs of some sort of historic seepage on the lower case of the boiler directly beneath this.
    It then responds appropriately to either DHW or the heating thermostat and the radiators don't heat up simply when just drawing hot water.
    We've tried letting it run for a while in case something is blocked but the main flow switch
    Hello, can you help please?

    I'm an electrician and plumber.

    I've got an Ariston A23/27MFi which will not light.

    The Pump and main flow switch have been replaced at the suggestion of Ariston. Neither are actually faulty so it's no better.
    However if one pulls the plug off the leaf switch( main flow switch) and bridges the plug the boiler fires and runs.
    Hi, thanks for your response re my greenstar junior 24i problem and suggested I gas rate the boiler. couldn't find anything in FAQ can you advise please on the best way to do this. Thanks
    Many thanks, any recommendations around Sidcup area as I gather your localish.
    Hi, Suggested that I could approach you re large domestic installation in Sidcup. Replace boiler 45kW ish plus possible control upgrades. Jon
    Can you help with a VWC-sine 18T3WF H boiler that wont fire up. Had a engineer come over but his recomendation was to replace it! He reckons the gas dirverter valve needs replacing then maybe a curicit board or something but then said might as well get a new boiler! Would rather spend abit of money getting this one working! Do you know any Engineers in essex that could support this old girl? Thanks
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