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    Damp through concrete, what can I seal it with??

    Go with asphalt, cheaper, less hassle and yes you can tile over it. You will still need to go over the asphalt with levelling compound.
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    Self levelling compund showinf signs of cracking?

    Use F. Ball Green bag latex mixed with granite chippings. 1 bag chippings to 2 bags screed. prime the floor first with an acrylic primer. Is the floor dry by the way because water based smoothing underlayments are not that moisture tolerant. For the benefit of other forum users, F Ball make...
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    Asphalt cracking following laying of laminate flooring

    I'm not so sure that these people are telling you the truth! Asphalt was primarily used because it was cheap, clean and seam free. It was also an ideal damp proof membrane over floors that did not have one laid originally. Therefore to say that it is damp that is causing the problem is not true...
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    Asphalt cracking following laying of laminate flooring

    Because asphalt is an unbonded sub floor, ie it is not stuck to the concrete slab, just floating on a fibre carrier. Any cracks that are in the asphalt from perhaps, gripper being nailed down, will be stressed when a smoothing underlayment is applied. With all smoothing underlayments there is a...
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    self levelling compound on top of liquid dpm

    It's not a good idea to put sand over the top of it. The sand could bridge between the floor and the dpm and allow damp to get through. Use a good neoprene primer like Balls P131 and the smoothing underlayment will bond just as well.
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    Damp concrete floor

    If the walls are OK then carry on and put a liquid DPM down. Make sure the floor is clean and dust free, apply the DPM (Iwould suggest a two coat application such as F Ball F75.) Allow it to cure and then apply a neoprene primer, P131 applied neat. Then apply the smoothing underlayment. Should...
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    Plywood floor; How to seal and what with? Help urgently need

    If you seal the top surface of the plywood nothing will stick to it. If the vinyl is laid properly and sealed around the edges, only a leak beneath the floorboards will get to the plywood. Ask your floorlayer to cove form the vinyl all round and seal the toilet and pedestal with high quality...
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    Self Levelling Compound onto Block and Beam type floor

    In general, these type of floors will have a sand and cement screed applied over them prior to a smoothing compound being laid. The smoothing compound isn't really strong rnough to cope with any movement which may take place within the block and beam.
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    Damp concrete floor

    Could be residual moisture in concrete or just a poor DPC. Are the walls damp too. The danger of laying a DPM to the floor is that you will push the moisture into the walls. If the moisture is coming in from the walls then if you lay a DPM the moisture will still get to the flooring.
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    liquid dpm

    Clean any dust or contaminents off the floor. If it is fairly smooth and even, then you can apply the DPM direct to the sub floor. If it is a bit rough or pitted you will need to lay a smoothing compound first. Make sure that you use a moisture tolerant compound, an acrylic latex such as F. Ball...
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    Bitumen/DPMs and parquet flooring

    The black sticky stuff is the original tile adhesive. It is bitumen but does not constitute a DPM. I does have some moisture suppressant qualities but nowhere near enough to prevent moisture ingress into modern day flooring and water based adhesives. It will need removing which is a tough job...
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    uneven kitchen floor

    The easiest and most straight forward way of levelling your floor would be to fix 6mm ply, nailed with ring shank nails at 100mm centres. Apply Stopgap 500 to all joints and allow to dry. Apply 3/1 dilute P131 primer, allow to dry. Apply stopgap 700 Flex smoothing underlayment, allow to dry for...
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    how highly do u rate amtico or spacia

    meadowhog's right, Karndean is good but you get a much wider choice of patterns and styles with Amtico and the reproduction is more realistic. Wear quality is about the same at the top end of Karndean but there again, so is the price.
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    how highly do u rate amtico or spacia

    Amtico is a great product, the only thing I would say, is get a professional floorlayer to install it. I deal with Amtico a lot and have seen some absolute nightmares, all created by fitters who don't understand the product. Floor preparation is paramount before laying any of the products, get...
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    Self adhesive vinyl floor tiles..

    You will get a better job by using 4mm plywood. 6mm would be better but it is more difficult to cut and shape. Hardboard is not good friends with water and in a tiolet, this may be a problem. Can you not take the toilet out and lay the tiles under it? It may seem a hassle but will look and...