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    Warm flat roof fixings.....

    I guess I could use screws with these washers:
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    Warm flat roof fixings.....

    My flat roof needs replacing and I'm going to install a warm roof. A friend of mine who is a roofer would prefer to use torch on felt, but that leaves me wondering what fixings to use to secure the thick 'sandwich' of OSB and insulation - I'd prefer the plastic tube type where the screw ends up...
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    Rad Tails - Out of Floor or Wall

    In my opinion out of the wall always looks better, but involves more work in channeling the pipework in the walls and making good / retiling.
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    Intermittent boiler firing

    You don't remove the screw and cover but rather turn the whole thing a quarter turn - with the slot vertical the valve is open, horizontal and the valve is closed. Designed to be turned with a spanner. Also worth checking - do you have thermostatic valves on all your radiators? Are they turned up?
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    Trianco oil boiler problems.

    Is it locking out on the burner or on the boiler's overheat 'stat? Does it work ok on CH to confirm pump is ok? Can I use more question marks than you?????????????????????? :lol:
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    Internal coupler for soil pipe?

    It will work no probs!!
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    Internal coupler for soil pipe?

    This drain connector would normally be used at the bottom of the stack at floor level. Can't see why you couldn't use it as you have proposed.
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    Slight leak on new boiler - problem?

    That pipe is to drain the condensate away from your boiler. It's slightly acidic (like vinegar). The pipe and fittings are 21.5mm overflow - They can be 'push-fit' or 'solvent weld'. At a guess it's probably been put together without enough solvent cement. Ideally this should be fitted to...
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    Worried about my plumbers competence

    What's a MICE?
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    Worried about my plumbers competence

    Most 'engineers' will agree with you, but are you suggesting people should employ unregistered workers to work on gas and uv? Fftttt What a clown Who the hell are NEICE anyway :lol:
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    Worried about my plumbers competence

    One point to note - Just because Gas Safe doesn't list G3 doesn't mean that person doesn't have that qualification, it's a register for gas fitters after all. But that person should have another card issued by the training body that assessed him showing he's qualified.
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    pipe stat

    Live into Common, S/L into Normally Open (Switch closes on temperature rise)
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    What tricks do you guys have for underfloor cabling?

    600mm of meter outlet... :D