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  • Hi Jackie,

    Not sure if you got my message yesterday as there seemed to be a problem with the DIYNOT server. Anyway, I thought I would send it again. As you've now decided that you would like to go down the liming route here are some pointers.

    1. Remove all previous finishes.

    2. Using Liberon's liming brush (copper) rub across the wood opening up the grain so that the wax will be attracted to the grain.

    3. Apply Liberon's liming wax using a dry cloth (old piece of towelling) across the entire surface - the wood will go white all over.

    4. Leave for 3 mins then using S&R's Superwax Polish (applied with another piece of cloth) clean off the liming wax. This will leave the white wax in the grain and achieve the desired liming effect.Buff off Superwax after 3-4 mins

    5. Finally apply another application of Superwax Polish leave for 3-4 mins and buff off.

    All of these products can be bought online through Smith & Rodger's shop at www.frenchpolishes.com

    I hope that this is of assistance but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate in asking.

    All the best

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