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  • From Mews muse: Council would not pay compensation, so asked for a refund of my building notice fee instead. It took a while to get them to agree to any refund but in the end have agreed to refund half the BN fee.

    We are looking to build a simple single storey extension to the side of our house.

    The ground conditions are not great and we have some large trees within 3m of the build.

    We are considering piling as an option. You have mentioned in previous quotes that you may know of some to use in the Gloucester/ Bristol area

    Can you help


    Hey, Sorry I overloooked your comment at the end of my thread on planning a loft. The non-constructive bit was aimed at the freddymercury guy who was just being sarcastic.

    Sorry, no offence meant.

    Thanks for replying
    Hi Jed - thanks for your comment regarding our problem with our balcony. We are at the moment trying to find a reasonably priced surveyor. Two quotes so far are £250 plus vat and £90 per hour plus vat and this surveyor says it will take about 2 and a half to three hours. We are talking about a very small balcony, and we are retired on a fixed income. I have no idea what a reasonable price would be so just have to keep ploughing through the local companies. We will be following your advice and have already draughed a letter ready to send to the builder once we have a proffesional report. Kind regards Sheila
    Hi Jeds,
    Just got your post through the forum, in reply to my post 'recommendations for a good survey'. Thanks very much for your comment - makes total sense. The next question is whether you do Surveys in London, and specifically Islington. To be honest the most important part for me would be the one to one discussion, as opposed to the report itself (we have already satisfied the mortgage company with their survey) so your approach sounds exactly like what we are looking for.

    Thanks very much,
    Hi Jed,

    Can you let me know the name of the piling company you recommended? more than one name to try would be helpful
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