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  • HI again Jim,

    My email address is [email protected] if you want to send me anything. I have just started off working for myself part time and every job i go to is hard work!!! This site is invaluable!!. Only do a couple a week so can get out practice very quickly!!!

    Basically i would be no further on that you mate. Went to Maplin and bought some bits and pieces on saturday but still not totally sure what to do with them!!!

    I suppouse the whole thing is experience and that only comes by making the mistakes.

    Anything you find out i would be grateful if you could pass it on and vice versa.

    I did that Mr Combi course and i found it quite useful. And i hadnt a notion about anything when i went there.


    Its grill here off the forum. You seem t o be in the same situation as myself i.e. finding your feet. Was just wondering how things are going and if you ahev picked up anymore useful tips?

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