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  • Thanks for the reply johnny,altho`you are a bit off the mark saying i don`t know what i`m doing.I have managed to get lights back on in bed/bathroom.So if you are actually an electrician or just pretending to be one,heres an easy question re.my problem.I have a four with cable from the switch(triple plus eth)i have a 4 way connector in which all eths go in one connector,all browns in another,and all blues except the one going to next light in another,the blue to the next light is in the 4th position.Heres the $64000 question.Where are these wires terminated in relation to the above scenario.
    1) Grey wire with blue marker
    2)Black wire with brown marker
    3)Brown wire with no marker
    4)Earth wire(i think i can guess where that goes).
    Sensible replies only please
    Many thanks........Webbo
    If you can`t offer any sensible suggestions i assume you have nothing better to do than think up silly wise cracks in answer to a serious question
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