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    replacement for landis & gyr v328

    thx looked like it would be from searches. cheers
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    replacement for landis & gyr v328

    as the title says... anyone know of a direct replacement for 28mm 3 port valve v328 by landis and gyr ....thx
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    Ideal HE24 condensate pipe frozen

    is the not a re-set button ? did you drain it at the elbow under the boiler ? are you sure its drained
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    the theme of the day is frozen condense pipes...have u checked that ?
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    condenate drain from condensing boiler

    not normally damage the boiler, but will stop yes make sure it can run away
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    Frozen condensate pipes everywhere you go

    I have attended loads (8-10) 32 and 40mm waste pipes that are frozen up...all have had a small amout of water a leaking tap or condense pipe connected to it. this is true whether the condense pipe is connected inside or out...if the 32-40mm still goes outside. So we can say...
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    soil stack regulations

    aav will freeze if not inside the warm house.
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    Hiding a gas pipe

    calculations apart, you can cut the wastepipe along its length...cut out/drill (before cutting it would be easier) for the clips that support the gas pipe, and snap it over the top ? that way its vented and your house looks... errrrrr... better ?
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    Roll top bath

    chrome spray paint might do it ?....i tried before..not to bad
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    looking for " Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain"

    hi...been reading that " Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain " is a penetrating acrylic stain for decking..sounds good from the literature however i cant seem to find a retailer in the uk anyone use this, know where i can get it ? or know of a uk equivalent ? cheers
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    2 showers from one combi boiler

    not really...plan ur showers usage. can you get a larger heat exchanger for this baxi ?..i dunno
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    Is plug hole on Kitchen floor an idea.

    like u's an idea :shock:
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    cooker extractor

    hi guys anyone had any experience with cooker extraction ducting. takeway near me has and extractor above the cooker...about 4 meters down it has what looks like an inline extrctor fan (to aid extrction due to distance etc i guess) then goes through the roof. they have asked i look...
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    one of yours ?

    seems likely an unvented cylinder.... :shock: