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    The age old low to closed cistern (kind of!)

    So, I’ve changed the downstairs toilet in the old house to a closed coupled toilet. I’ve used a swan neck and it’s about 40mm proud of the wall so going to build it out with some aqua board. The minor thing is I’m not overalls happy with the fitting from the old ceramic soil to the swan neck...
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    Garage floor - Dusty

    Hi I have had an extension which involved a new internal garage where the old drive was. The floor cement floor has been laid for 2 years now, but when I move anything or even walk on the floor I’m just getting cement dust coming up from the floor. The floor is dry, just very dusty. Any...
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    Damp and rotten floor

    Thank you for your responses. I’m going to get a builder in to provide a quote for the work and cover all bases - DPC, venting and new floor, just in case. thanks again
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    Damp and rotten floor

    Hopefully someone can help with some sound advice and what trade to call in to sort out my problem.. I had an extension built in mid 2015. There was an external soil vent pipe (ceramic) on the external wall and originally the builder was going to leave in situ then box in. looking at some old...
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    Hotpoint Aquarius WML560P

    I have the above washer and it just keeps filling up, turning a couple of cycles then filling up. The other day we put the machine on before we went out and five hours later it was still filling and turning a couple of cycles. Tried to switch of and leave for a while to to if it reset but it...
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    Can I still Use heating and hot water?

    Thanks for the speedy reonse and the great advice K :lol:
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    Can I still Use heating and hot water?

    I have a combi boilera nd plan on taking one of the radiotors off so that one of my rooms can be plastered. I guess I can switch off the valves and then remove the radiator without draining the system ( if not let me know!!). Once the radiator is off can I then continue to use the heating and...
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    radiator/heating problem

    Was wondering if anyone could help.... Just fitted two new radiators down stairs on a sealed system and I decided that whilst the system was drained would fit TRVs to some of the other radiators. The problem is the new radiators only seem to be getting warm at the top of the radiators and the...
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    Whats the valve for??

    Hi there, I was wondering if you could help.... I have a swiftflow 80 boiler and on the pipes that exit the unit there is a heating flow out and a return flow in for the heating. Once these pipes come away from the boiler they are later linked together with copper pipe and a stop cock type...
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    Glow Worm Swiftflow 80

    Hi there, I was trying to work out how to work out(!) how many radiators my boiler could take without being under worked or over worked? The boiler is a swiftflow 80 and in the bumf it states that the C.H max: Nominal heat input (NETT) kW 19.71 Btu/h 67,240 Nominal Heat output kW 17.6...