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  • Hello Kevin D Gas

    I have been impressed by your answers on the forum :)

    It looks like the hot water heat exchanger on my worcester bosch is a bit clogged, restricting the flow. It is a pain to get to and was recently replaced when it got too hot (due to being blocked I presume), but now HW flow is down. Wondering if you'd consider doing a job in Waterlooville?
    Hi - regarding a comment you made in 2006 about Coram shower door shattering - it happened to me yesterday night - the glass exploded across the room and i have to have an operation on my hand on monday to fix a tendon or i may not be able to use my right hand again. - Was wondering if you'd send me what happened to you in 2006 - my email is [email protected] - would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    Kevin can i contact you regarding installing a DB4 90DFT Professional cooker. we have gas bayonet connection but no separate cable run from rcd. will be about 12m straight run through a wall and cupboards.
    thanks Kev, as you can see I'm a total novice when it comes to electrics, and you hear so many stories these days...its good to be prepared for once!
    Many thanks again
    Hi Kev
    You helped me earlier this week with my powermax 155.
    A plumber changed the blender valve but the temp is still low. Not sure what else to do ?
    Any ideas ?
    Can I increase the water temp ?

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