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    Solar gain from windows - internal glass temperature up to 44 Celsius.

    Might be in backwards. The pane with reflective low e coating should be inside. If you got tinted solar glass that will be outside
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    Gap at left top corner - new upvc door

    Hi. First thing is to see how much the door and frame are out of alignment. Close the door to point where inside of door is lined up with outside of frame.. you'll have to stand a foot to right and at angle that you can see gap well. Bottom will line up first. The gap at top may be more than...
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    Can anyone answer this?

    Your hinges are gone bad. Need to be replaced.
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    Can you use standard espag handles on a tilt and turn window (uPVC)?

    Espag handles are no good. Designed for 90 opening.. they are too lightweight too.