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  • Hia thanks for your advice the drum is still jamming and making a noise when I move it by hand. its hard see much through the holes but I have got some ffedback from the moving of the drum and I am guessing something is stuck in between the bearings at the front of the drum. Can you advise how to remove the rubber ring and check the bearings? Frustrating feel like just buying a new one. seems a waste if its an easy fix though. Thanks in advance for your help
    Hi. Thank you for that. I could not remove the motor first as i could only undo one of the two bolts. The first one was a straight forward 30 - 35 mm bolt, but the second was a lot shorter 15mm or so but then there was still a some sort of threaded bolt holding onto the chassis. But this is sunken into the bore of the second bolt and i do not know how to remove this. I did wonder if i could tap it with a punch and hammer, but am wary of if it is not meant to be hit.

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