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    Ugly Carrots

    Definitely not the cause, the ground where out root crops are planted is cultivated well over a foot deep with the largest stone only the size of a finger nail.
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    Where's my leccy discount?

    British gas took my £39 standing order and 5 days later paid it back again.
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    Out of my Depth

    If the front face of the unit is 200mm from the wall it's going to be a long ole pan to sit against the unit and cover the soil pipes within the cheeks?
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    Ugly Carrots

    Its been an awful season for carrots with the largest %age of them multi forked
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    What adhesive tape ....

    . Tried poly tunnel tape and doesn't stick firm enough
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    What adhesive tape ....

    The clear waterproof tape used to repair poly tunnels is good stuff . If it dries up enough i’ll test some on a lorry tarp to see if it sticks it...
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    Why can't you simply re-instate an old fireplace?

    Wheres “around here”?
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    Broad Bean plants Global Warming

    I don't think it's so much global warming, more to do with where they've they've been planted between high sided panels. They've been drawn up to the light so are a bit leggy and weak to support a crop of beans imo.
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    How to finish exposed alcove wall bottom?

    Maybe fix battens with strips of damp course on the back if damp, flush with wall surface to screw or nail the skirting to.
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    Understanding Solar Panel Meter Readings

    The old Fit scheme ended on 31March 2019 and was replaces by a smart export guarantee. The main difference is the former was calculated on a deemed export of 50% of the total generated by the system , Seg, while maybe a higher kwh rate is based on the actual kw exported.. With a Solar edge...
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    How to stop chimney creating draft

    Aside from any other issues, the cowl looks too close to the pot
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    Best value cross line laser level?

    When I do that I blame the pressure of work :ROFLMAO:
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    Flex angle drill shaft

    I can't recall ever using a flexible drive for mechanical repairs
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    Asbestos Testing Recomendations

    Used these a number of times,quick results and advice what to do without trying to sell anything.
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    Best value cross line laser level?

    Maybe youve miss read that opps ?