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    Should combi boiler pressure gauge jump when drawing hot water?

    I prefer to leave it at 1 bar. Around 12 years ago I had a nightly pressure drop to zero. No leaks could be found so a bottle of leak sealer was allowed to work its magic. Since then I have always kept the pressure low so not to strain the hidden repair. It might be nonsense but it makes me...
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    Should combi boiler pressure gauge jump when drawing hot water?

    Owner of a new Ideal Vogue. Central heating still turned off. I have noticed when drawing hot water that the pressure gauge jumps from 1.1 bar to just over 1.2 bar before slowly descending over a period of time. The boiler was set to 1 bar when fitted 3 weeks ago but has slowly crept up to...
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    Blending water for a shower on a low temperature HW combi

    My new combi boiler is set for a hot water flow rate of 42C to avoid paying for HW only to add cold. 42C is a good compromise. For years now I have suffered from a variable shower temperature with the HW set at 60C so I have decided to bite the bullet and change the shower mixer bar. Looking...
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    Pressure loss sealed system

    I had a leak 12 years ago that could not be found. This fixed it...
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    Why range rate a modulating boiler?

    I have been thinking about this answer for a few days. If the boiler is modulating, as it doesn’t need full power isn’t it already easing off the pedal, as you have put it? Also I have assumed the Ideal Vogue can be range rated but there is nothing about this in the installation manual. Can...
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    Why range rate a modulating boiler?

    Excuse my ignorance but to avoid cycling on a boiler without sufficient modulation could the boiler not just be turned down to say 50C to 55C via its dial so it operates for longer with a background heat or am I missing something?
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    Why range rate a modulating boiler?

    So if my new boiler can modulate for load compensation why can it be range rated as well? As the boiler has an CH output of between 4.6Kw to 26kW, if the boiler was range rated would the minimum output also drop to mantain the ratio? I have worked out that my rads have an output of around 12Kw.
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    Not Internet Enabled Boiler Controller

    l believe while the Hive might be smart but it doesn’t allow for load compensation.
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    Replacing boiler with an Ideal

    Just like Worcester Bosch that model has an aluminium heat exchange. The next model up (vouge) has stainless steel.
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    Shanty being built next to my property without planning permission? (with photos)

    I received an email from Planning Enforcement informing me that they will contact the property owners within the next 10 days. This is after I received an email telling me how busy they were and that they were restricting site visits due to Covid. I then threatened them with starting the...
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    Shanty being built next to my property without planning permission? (with photos)

    That’s what I am thinking. Where I live many town centre properties have illegal accommodation at the bottom of the garden. The owners of this house don’t have English as their first language so I have my suspicions.
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    Shanty being built next to my property without planning permission? (with photos)

    My neighbour from the adjoining road informed me that they were going to erect a “shed” in their back garden by my fence. What is being built is not a shed but a brick built cavity filled building with services. It sits around 0.3m from my fence and is just over 2.8m tall. I asked the foreign...
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    Thompson's one coat Patio seal 'pooling'

    Cresols are highly irritating to the skin and eyes of rabbits, rats, and mice. Short-term exposure to inhaled mixtures of cresol aerosol and vapor results in irritation of the respiratory tract, small hemorrhages in the lung, body weight reduction, degeneration of heart muscle, liver, kidney...
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    Fence Leaning. Uncertain of Responsibility.

    Even if it is your fence you don’t have to fix or replace it.