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    Alarm cable underground

    Agree with bernard this is the easiest and cheapest option it will also provide adequete protection to the cable :lol:
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    Intercoms/entry system training?

    Afraid not. With intercoms its basically a case of following the wiring diagrams that come with the systems. Linking up as the drawings describe. Ive done loads and never had any formal training on them. Generally they are quite straight forward Specific manufacturers may offer training if you...
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    Speech dialer for Accenta Mini G4 Alarm Panel

    You can buy a dialler thingy yes and connect it to any alarm system. I would recommend either the menvier sd1 or the texecom one
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    accenta6 alarm

    I'd check the tamper switch on the internal sounder. If you remove the lid of the sounder there will be a small silver spring which is depressed by the lid or a microswitch which is also depressed by the lid. It could also be the keypad or main panel tamper switch so id check those too Good luck
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    Recognise this

    It's neither Mark it's a dual technology break glass detector. Acoustic and Vibration
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    intercall 600

    Ive got a full manual on PDF I think but yes your right you do need the software really if you want to change anything. Although from memory most of it is quite straight. Unfortunately not got the lead though
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    Garage door

    Many thanks for the replies guys ill check out the screwfix one
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    Garage door

    Want to fit an electric door opener to my current garage door. It's a double door of the up and over variety with springs on each side and a frame affixed to the roof to support the door in it's upright state. Can anyone recommend a good kit out there for DIY fitment. Many thanks
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    Right simple PIR rules : don't face them towards windows, PIR's ok in most rooms , Dual tecs for Kitchens Garages and Bathrooms (although wouln't advise one in the bathroom) PIR's are susceptible to flies/spiders so make sure you seal round the cable entry into the PIR
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    Like we going to tell you that. We'd have no livelihoods left :wink: To be honest the best trick is to wire the system when all floorboards can be lifted and walls chased etc. Obviously though in a house that is not usually possible. If you have no choice but to run surface. Lift the edge...
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    Mini CU in Garage

    Thanks for the advice cremeegg
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    Mini CU in Garage

    But of course :lol:
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    Mini CU in Garage

    Cheers for the reply creme egg you are correct at presnet it is run in T and E. But ill definitely be swapping that for 6mm armoured just wanted to install the mini CU as a stop gap really. Everything is fused down to 13A form the spur already so there is no issue there. When it comes to the SWA...
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    Mini CU in Garage

    Currently the power to my garage goes directly into a socket and then is distributed to the lighting circuit. Obviously this is less than ideal. So im looking for a reasonable quality 4 way CU to feed into. THis will give me seperate MCB'sa for the power and lighting and allow me to add a radial...
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    Looking for a bit of kit

    Any electrical whole saler can usually get them for you mine came from CEF.