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  • Hi, Any chance you might have a pdf copy of a Scantronic 9800 Engineers Installation Manual? If so a copy would be much appreciated. Cheers

    Hi mate. Can you drop box those to me I've had my laptop stolen. With my manuals on. If its not too much trouble. Sorry.
    I have got scantronic 9600 alarm but it needs battery replacing. I was wondering if you could help me to get engineers manual for this alarm? Thanks in advance.
    keep doing what you are doing and you caould end up making a good living, ignor the idiots on here, some of us, me included were fidling about with alarms and electrics at a very early age!!! oasistechnical email; [email protected] if you need any advice just email me and i will see if i can help you. john h
    hi. have an optima xl6. there is power to the box but nothing happens when the buttons are pressed. any thoughts?
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