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    Mystery box

    Thanks Harry Boomfield , crystal ball. Will take the cover off next time I'm there and take a photo of the inside , and post . The photo is not to clear the red is just plastic not a light , I think , its behind a wardrobe very awkward to see it. Above the red is like a keyhole. Thanks again for...
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    Mystery box

    Hi rsgaz Thanks for the reply. Its on top not inset . Checked out your link , looks like this one could be an older version . Doesn't give any information how they work or who moniters it . Would it be safe to rip it out , without the risk of the police crashing in the front door.
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    Mystery box

    My son just moved house and we found this . Tried google image search nothing showed up. Can anyone help us out and tell us what it is , or does ?.
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    Newly laid turf (October 2017)in a sorry state...

    Hi Don't mean to hijack your thread but I have the exact same problem . Did any of Nozzle's suggestions work for you or did you find another solution ?.