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    Which TRV?

    I am just about to redecorate our Hall and need to remove the radiator. I thought as I need to drain the whole system, the radiator cannot be isolated on it's own, that I would fit a second locking valve and TRVs the the other 6 radiators in the house (hall has thermostat). Our boiler is old...
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    New Laminate floor and Skirting

    Many thanks for the reply. Your other post also made me smile. We have the Engineered type of flooring and I will use this term from now on :) Meblin
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    New Laminate floor and Skirting

    I am about to lay a real wood laminate floor and also replacing the skirting board. Is it ok to have the skirting on top of the board and have the expansion gap under the board or is this asking for trouble? Also with the weather being hot should I make the expansion slightly less or is it...
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    Crack in Garage Floor

    We have a detached garage (concrete walls and tiled pitched roof about 5m x 3m) at the bottom of our garden and the concrete slab that it sits on has a large crack running from front to back ending in a smaller T crack towards the back. Crack at front (click image to enlarge) Crack...
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    Trend Routersketch

    From what I have seen here it looks like you move the router and make the stylus follow your design. I think you'll need a steady hand :lol: If your wanting automation then you'll need a CNC Mill that can follow dxf/vector drawings. Meblin
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    Bracket Identification

    I have just had a new fire insert and marble back panel fitted. We have an art Deco mantle and the fitter gave us two brackets that go on the inside of the legs and allow the mantle to slide on to them from above. However, I think we need to get some more and I don't know where to get them. I...
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    cork tiles

    Have a look at SiestaCork. we got white acrylic coated ones for our bathroom and they look really good. They are much warmer than ceramic tiles and easier to fit. Meblin
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    Kitchen cornice

    I think big-all meant his suggestion in this thread. Just a comment big-all, you break your sentences as if you have pressed the enter key at the end of the text entry box, like you would on a type writer. This makes your posts harder to read, and follow, and it is easy to misunderstand what...
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    replacing fireplace hearth

    OK :) I would level 1st them as you will be able to reposition/rplace hearth at a later date. Meblin
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    replacing fireplace hearth

    I was talking to my uncle (architect/builder) about fireplaces and hearths. He informed me that hears must not be level with the floor to conform to regulations. I think you can only get away with it if it has been there for a long time. Meblin
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    The tile drills look like a spear head. Putting masking tape on the tile will ensure it does not slip and turning the chuck by hand until the glaze has been penetrated slightly will ensure that the tile does not crack. Also don't have the drill set too fast as this will knacker the bit. A...
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    You need to lay the tiles with a gap between them to allow them to move (only slightly). If they are end to end they will crack like the paving slabs you have on pavements (sidewalks). where are you laying the tiles? Meblin
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    Bamboo flooring

    My folks have it in their new bathroom and it looks really good. My Uncle (builder/architect) suggested it and he has used it in his bathroom also. The type that my folks have has the bamboo ridges all in a line across each panel so it looks like the bamboo has been unrolled. My uncle could...
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    Slate Tiles / Underfloor heating

    You should have bought the warmup cable type from Topps Tiles. With this you snake the cable up and down the room and put a strip of duck tape over the lenght of the cable to secure it. Then you just tile as you would normally. Meblin
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    Joining Worktops

    I have never done this but I watched our fitters do it. Use clamps to hold the jig in place and I would think several small passes and not the full depth cut in one. They supported the work surface on 2 work horses/workmates. I would say get a cutoff pice of worktop to practice on first...