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1 Jan 2021
27 Jan 2007
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from Cleveland

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1 Jan 2021
    1. chaz86
      Mehran I was looking to have an intergas combi boiler installed in the near future I live in Cleveland. My priority is to maximise shower flow rate so would opt for the boiler best suited to deliver this.Can you advise me on the best option?
    2. Gazzadfc
      Mehran, we are looking at replacing our current boiler with a Viessman vitoden, if you are interested then let me know (Near Darlington)
    3. ellie77
      Hi Mehran, its me again! I had the engineers who fitted the intergas combi boiler out this afternoon and they adjusted the pressure as it was too high apparently. however, now i am still worried as loud gurgling water sounds are coming from the pipes around the little water tank in my airing cupbooard, these are new sounds. No noise is coming from the actual boiler in the kitchen. I have just typed this into google and people are talking about the temperature being too high and that combi boilers can explode. This has now scared me and I have switched it off and the noise has stopped. We called the engineers again and they are coming round again tomorrow but said that it isn't dangerous but the comments on google conflict this. I'm afraid to turn it back on now on this really cold evening. Can you advise further?
    4. ellie77
      Hi Mehran, you just commented on my post and said the noise could either be the TRV's or the gas valve isn't set right. Is this dangerous?
    5. Liaqat1975
      Hi mehran I have some problem with my boiler it is heatline vizo 24 it has two faulty one I think is the dv and the other one is a sensor I think, it is based behind dv it is blue and go to a white plastic Botle look things and it has water in and a pipe go out and little little water drops. How do I know the boiler wasn't workin 2 weeks ago only blue light was on and the last red light was flashing asked a engineer he fixed. When the fuse blown I opened the boiler front found that he has disabled that staf by leaving one of two wire off, when I put it back it the problem as it had two weeks ago. About DV it makes click noise when I red comment perhaps it the DV, coz when I change fuse it blow after 2 mins if you could help please thanks Liaqat
    6. jasper2012
      Hi Merhan, would you travel as far as North shields (near Whitley bay) to fit a Viessmann ( or would you recommend another make?) boiler and if so can you give me a quote, be a straight change over, boiler is in kitchen with great access to pipe work. Hope to hear from you soon.
    7. Whitworth
      Hi Mehran, would like to pick your brains about the Intergas Combi. Have sent a friend request. Is that ok?
    8. jimmy1980
      Hi Mehran,i have been looking on this site and i see you are the wizzard with heatline boilers i need to get a thermal fuse for a vizo plus 24. called heatline who were less than helpful where would you suggest?. we had a plumber (at leat thats what he said he was) he took it out and said he would get another one but he never came back. the boiler doesnt work without one. i have identified the part from the online manual it is the thing that goes by the flue sensor
    9. vipohri
      Hi Mehran,

      I'm having problems with my 3 year old Heatline C24 boiler. It keeps on switching off and I have to reset it to get it operational again!
      I've had a corgi plumber look at it and he has replaced the PCB and the ionisation electrodes and the other two probes.
      Now the boiler sparks but does not fire-up. It will very occasionally fire-up when I turn the hot water tap on, but it will not fire-up for the CH. The plumber has now said that we need a new gas valve. Does this sound right to you? We're probably going to end up spending as much as the cost of a new boiler!
    10. Fox
      hi there, i got different problems with the heatline s24 combi,
      can you take a look at my new post, cheers
    11. phantom831
      i hope you don't mind me contacting you like this but i have a problem with a vizo boiler and you seem to be a good guy to ask about it, i live in Middlesbrough and it seems you are or where a service engineer for heat line so if you have any advice i would appreciate it.
      the problem i have is that the boiler shuts down every time i turn a tap on, it will run for a few seconds and then shut down, no fault lights or anything, after a little while when it has cooled down a bit it then re lights and runs for a few seconds then off again,

      i would presume it it a thermostat ore temp sensor fault but need to know for definate and how i can fix it please,

      sorry for the contact again and hope to hear from you soon

    12. hankypanky
      Thank you very much for your very helpful reply.
      I finally decided not to take any chances and called
      a boiler engineer to sort it all out, boiler is now up
      and running.
      But your kind help is very much appreciated.
      Good to know there are people out there willing to help.
    13. hankypanky
      Can you tell me where the condensate outlet pipe on the c24 should be connected to.
      Cannot seem to find any info on this anywhere.
      Thank you
    14. ronnie72
      Mehran my kids love you cos we got heating thank you
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