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  • Hi Mick,
    How did you solve this problem?
    See my recent post if possible.
    Thanks, Mark (newtoCH)
    Hallo folks …

    We are converting a house for hostel accommodation for up to 12 people and wanting to increase hot water capacity with installation of unvented cylinder(s) whilst also getting solar panels installed. Currently oil fired system which will remain.

    I understand that up to 500 litres capacity needed …. we have 3 showers … if all wanted to shower in the morning. What’s the best arrangement for cylinders?

    Not sure of size of solar panels but 3 panels each potentially heating up to 100 litres when conditions good. The solar installers have suggested 2 single loop cylinders, one as a pre-heat cylinder linked to solar and then this feeding 2nd cylinder heated by boiler. My concern is that it would seem the water in the solar cylinder would just be used once all the 2nd cylinder was drawn off … not very good use of solar panels. Could we have a draw off direct from solar cylinder thermostatically controlled?

    I thought about a single large twin coiled cylinder … but expensive. What about two 250 litre twin coils linked in parallel both connected to solar and boiler? Would this work efficiently?

    We need the system to work effectively … but at times there may be only 1 or 2 people staying there so we won’t want the full 500 litres hot. So it needs to be cost/energy effective too.

    Tricky but any comments appreciated! Mick

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